DeSantis Shuts Down ‘Pronoun Olympics’ in Florida Schools, Asserting ‘Not Happening’ Stance

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Several laws protecting kids and parental rights in the educational system of the state of Florida have been signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He stated publicly that neither children nor teachers in Florida schools will “ever be compelled to declare pronouns.”

According to a tweet from the governor’s office, DeSantis implemented a series of regulations on Wednesday with the goal of having to expand the Parental Rights in Education law, ending pronoun insanity in schools, banning transgender hormones & surgeries for minors, ensuring bathrooms/locker rooms are SAFE for girls & women, protecting kids from sexually explicit drag shows, and more.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Measure to Protect Parental Rights and Children in Schools

According to the article in Fox News, one of the legislation signed by DeSantis is HB 1069, which forbids people in educational institutions from being forced to use or give particular titles and pronouns. The governor has emphasized that the bill is going to make sure that the teachers and students in Florida is not to be required to use pronouns that are not based on the biological sex of the students and prohibit them to be revealed in class.

During a press conference in Tampa, Florida, the governor expressed his strong belief on the issue. He stated that no one had done this through all of human history, not until two weeks ago, and he added that pronoun Olympics in Florida is never going to happen.

Additionally, the legislation guarantees that students will not face penalties or be treated differently for not providing specific titles and pronouns. It also prevents classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in levels ranging from prekindergarten through eighth grade. This signifies a major legislative step in Florida, reflecting the ongoing national debate over how gender identity is addressed in schools.

A contentious bill that broadens the state’s ban on teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in schools has also been signed into law by the governor. In the article shared in Fox 35 Orlando, the law is called the “Parental Rights in Education” bill and its opponents as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, extends the ban from kindergarten through third grade to include prekindergarten through eighth grade.

At a Christian school in Tampa, DeSantis signed the legislation into law while being supported and accompanied by Republican politicians. The governor justified the legislation, saying it is vital to thwart attempts to include lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity in early childhood and middle school curricula.

DeSantis has previously been vocal about his objection to what he considers to be inappropriate content in educational materials. The new rule mandates that the necessary forms be easily accessible on school district websites in an effort to allow objections to specific textbooks and educational resources.

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Florida Student and Family Express Concern Over Newly Signed Laws Impacting Gender Identity and Expression

A 15-year-old nonbinary kid in Palm Beach County, Florida, named Blue Gilliam, has expressed grave worries about the new legislation that Governor Ron DeSantis approved because they fear that it will endanger their safety and right to express themselves. According to WFLX, Blue, who uses the pronouns they/them, expressed concern about the effects of the laws and hinted at a desire to leave the state because she felt singled out.

Blue said that they have such a connection with their teachers, and it’s breaking their hearts to see that they can’t really express themselves to them without them getting into some trouble.

Following the governor’s actions, the family is even thinking about leaving the state since they believe these laws threaten the acceptance and understanding of nonbinary identities. Tuesday, Gilliam, Blue’s mother, expressed her worries about the regulations, saying that they are not only backward-looking but also prevent honest discussions about gender identity and expression.

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