Second Mt. Sinai Film Produces More Irrefutable Truth of the Bible

For hundreds of years, opponents of God’s Word have claimed that the Bible is a myth and that the events and stories contained therein never happened.

Archaeologists like Dr. Scott Stripling and filmmakers like Tim Mahoney beg to differ, and the discoveries they have been making in recent years have presented real, physical evidence that corroborate biblical text.

There is the undeniable proof of where Jesus miraculously healed a blind man, as reported earlier this year on Charisma News. And then there is the discovery of the Moabite Stone, further revealing tangible evidence of the Bible’s legitimacy.

Mahoney’s discoveries are the basis for his Patterns of Evidence documentaries, and as these truths are researched and validated, the credibility of the Bible increases in our eyes, and that, in turn, encourages our faith, according to the film series’ website.

Mahoney’s sixth film, “Journey to Mount Sinai II,” a Fathom event, releases Monday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 17 this week for a two-day only run.

Some may wonder: “Is there evidence that the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt actually happened?” Mahoney says without a doubt “yes” as through the film, Mahoney completes a 20-year search for the true location of the mountain where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

It is the conclusion of a two-part series on Mt. Sinai that investigates the final three of the six most popular locations proposed for the holy mountain. It’s a film that will “wake a lot of people up,” Mahoney told Charisma News’ John Matarazzo in a recent interview

“Things are coming together at this time in history,” Mahoney says. “And people ask why, why are we finding more evidence for this? There are a lot of prodigal people out there. They might have grown up hearing about the Bible or their parents are Christians, and they just don’t know if any of this is true.

“I think these films are really important because we’re starting to show that God is … there’s a pattern of evidence that God is acting in history. And history, as many people say, repeats itself.”

The story of the Exodus is an incredible one, from Moses’ convincing Pharaoh to “let his people go” to the parting of the Red Sea and other miracles that happened along the way. Yet Mahoney says there has been much criticism regarding historical evidence of the Bible. Many don’t believe that Moses was even literate enough to write the Bible, but “Journey to Mt. Sinai II” refutes that fallacy with the discovery of Egyptian hieroglyphics that were modified into what Mahoney says “we now call the alphabet.”

“This alphabet shows up right where the Israelites are, and [they] migrate it,” Mahoney says.

Through his films, Mahoney’s mission is not to prove what he already believes, but he has become an explorer, trying to find the truth wherever it leads.

“This film is powerful,” Mahoney says. “You’re going to learn stuff that you’ve never knew before. It’s going to be an experience. I think it’s important to see these films in the theater.”

And then there is the “scorecard,” which was introduced in the first “Journey to Mount Sinai” film allows you to rate six Mount Sinai location candidates and allows viewers to follow along with the investigation.

“These films are such that, there’s a lot of detail in them. And with every film that we make, we create a pattern, which is we basically are looking at six different mountains,” Mahoney says. “So the pattern starts with journey to the mountain. There are campsites and wildernesses that we’re trying to map out what direction from Egypt from where they would have left; what direction did they go? And what were the campsites, because it said, they traveled certain distances, so many days, and it took them between … 50 and 60 days to get there.

“This scorecard has a lot of information that will help prepare you for the film, which is really fun. If you want to go on an investigation, then get the scorecard, prep, look at the verses we’re going to look at. It will make your film experience more enjoyable and informative.”

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma News.

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