Mother’s Day Tragedy: Six-Year-Old Narrowly Escapes Abduction on Church Walk Home

Pexels/Kamaji Ogino

A 6 year-old girl was attempted get kidnapped on their way home with her mother from attending church services last Mother’s Day in Daytona Beach in Florida.

On Sunday at noon, police were called in response to claims of an attempted kidnapping. A woman has approached the victims as they were walking together, hand in hand, form attending Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The traumatic incident was brought out by ABC News affiliate WFTV.

Kidnapping of a 6-year old Girl Halted in Daytona Beach in Florida

The article in ABC News reported that according to the complaint, the suspect was a woman who has “intentionally grabbed” the kid vigorously intending to break the bond between her and her mother. Thankfully, the suspect failed and left the area. Both of the victims was luckily have been unharmed.

The identification of the suspect was released by the authorities, whereas she was a light skinned black woman, ages between 25 to 35, standing 5 foot 6 to 5 feet 8 inches tall. The suspect was last seen wearing a red skirt, and a grey t-shirt. The child’s father, Kelly Grange, appealed to the suspect via WFTV. Given that it was Mother’s Day, he surmised that the suspect’s actions may have been motivated by fear or a wish for a child. Grange advised the suspect to come forward and ask for help, but he also pushed them to accept responsibility for their conduct.

Speaking to WFTV Orlando, Kelly Granger, the father, described the moment he learned of the attempted abduction of his daughter. He experienced an intense sense of fear and focus, likening it to ‘tunnel vision.’ Granger detailed how the assailant had tried to forcefully separate his daughter and her mother by using a karate chop-like motion. This prompted a robust protective instinct in him, making him wish he could have pursued the perpetrator himself.

In an emotional appeal, Granger addressed the assailant directly, and he suggested that the individual may have been motivated by fear or personal issues related to Mother’s Day. Regardless of the reasons behind the attempted abduction, Granger urged the suspect to surrender to the authorities and seek professional help.

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Other Incidents of Kidnapping on Mother’s Day

Three adolescents are accused of robbing a mother who was selling flowers and purses on Mother’s Day in a parking lot in east Charlotte. According to the shared article in Yahoo! News, the suspects have attacked the mother pointing a gun and was asking for money and threatened to kidnap her 2 year-old kid.

The anonymous victim mother, said that the teenagers attempted to buy handbags using a fake $100 bill. They used the terrifying threat when she faced them. One of the teenagers lunged at her youngster, which aggravated the situation. Fortunately, the victim’s calls for assistance inspired others to respond quickly, including an ice cream salesman. In the end, out of concern for her child’s safety, the mother gave some money to the offenders. 

Even though nobody was hurt physically, she expressed her hope that the perpetrators would be found, highlighting the fact that neither she nor her little child deserved to go through such a horrific event. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are intensively investigating this upsetting armed robbery.

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