‘He’s a Hero’: Cop and Good Samaritan Praised For Bolting Into Fire-Engulfed Home to Save 92-Year-Old Man

A good Samaritan and a police officer are both being praised after bursting into a burning home, risking their safety, and rescuing an elderly man trapped inside.

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It all started when a grease fire broke out May 10 in Coventry Township, Ohio, with Deputy Brian Gorham racing to the scene and realizing there wasn’t much time to act, WEWS-TV reported.

Gorham burst through Thomas Keeling’s door as flames spread through the home. Keeling, 92, was stuck in his bedroom and unable to leave. The cop said he knew he had to act with speed.

“I can’t even describe it, because you just know that there’s an emergency,” Gorham told WEWS-TV. “You know you have to get in there — that people need help.”

With the scene quickly devolving, Gorham noticed someone else had also entered the home. Don Sedlock, a neighbor, was trying to assist in the rescue effort.

Gorham and Sedlock can be seen on the officer’s bodycam footage carrying Keeling out of the home — just in time.

“I got to get you safe,” Sedlock said in the video as he helped carry the elderly man to safety.

Keeling’s granddaughter, Shea Duckworth, expressed her gratitude to the brave men who saved her elderly grandpa.

“He’s a hero,” Duckworth said. “That’s above and beyond.”

She added, “That’s a true man who put himself aside and cares about others more than he does himself.”

The bravery and heroism coming from Gorham and Sedlock must certainly be recognized. Thankfully, the situation ended without any loss of life.

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