Hungary’s Orbán Warns of ‘Nation-Destroying Virus’ at CPAC Hungary Conference – American Faith

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has issued a stark warning at the CPAC Hungary conference in Budapest, claiming that a “nation-destroying virus” developed by progressive liberals threatens Western civilization, Remix News reports.

Addressing politicians, national leaders, and conservative activists from around the world, Orbán emphasized that Hungary can serve as an incubator for shaping the future of conservatism.

Orbán described the attack on Europe as not being economic, but rather targeting the values and culture that have long defined the region.

He argued, “The nation is the great invention of the West. It is the heart of the free world, but it is also the Achilles heel of the Western world. If the nations evaporate, disintegrate, rust away, the possibility of free life will be lost and the West will fall.”

Hungary, once an unlikely bastion of conservatism, became internationally recognized for its strong stance against immigration in 2015-2016.

During his speech, Orbán surprisingly credited billionaire George Soros for helping put Hungary on the political map and defining it as a nation dedicated to protecting Europe’s borders and cultural heritage.

“Man plans, God does,” he said. “In fact, the Hungarian experiment owes its worldwide fame to George Soros. In vain, God works in mysterious ways. If George Soros had not attacked Hungary, if he had not announced his program to resettle millions of illegal immigrants in Europe with the help of his mercenary NGOs, we would never have made the headlines. But Uncle George did announce his resettlement program, deployed his NGO army and set about implementing his grand plan. They flooded the Balkans with illegal migrants and set up a people-smuggling route into the heart of Europe, and then they bumped into Hungary. We called a halt, we took up the gauntlet, we defended ourselves, we built a fence, and we defended our country.”

Orbán also addressed the cultural debates that have swept both Europe and the United States in recent years.

He compared woke ideology and gender propaganda to communism and Marxism, arguing that these movements artificially divide nations to incite discord:

“The woke movement and gender ideology are exactly what communism and Marxism used to be. They artificially divide the nation into minorities in order to foment discord between groups. This is their power base. The Hungarian conservative experiment is successful because we know the Marxists from many miles away, and even by smell, unseen. They have been sitting on us for 50 years. Gender and woke also divide the nation into classes and proclaim that class is more important than nation and precedes belonging to the nation and precedes national identity. My friends, I lived 26 years under Marxist oppression.”

The Hungarian leader praised conservative victories in Italy and Israel and expressed optimism about upcoming Spanish elections and European Parliament elections. He emphasized the need for conservatives to unite and “drain the swamp in Brussels.”

Orbán concluded his speech by urging conservatives to remain steadfast in their fight against progressive ideals: “We have taken great European sanctuaries in recent years. Budapest, Warsaw, Rome, Jerusalem, Vienna are not hopeless, but the truth is that the two main sanctuaries of modern democracy, Washington and Brussels, are still in the hands of the liberals. Let us make sure that this is not the case.”