Netflix avoids promoting woke kids show featuring ‘non-binary’ animal, same-sex ‘couple’ – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — After releasing the final season of a Netflix children’s show featuring a “non-binary” animal character, the streaming platform was ousted for having “cancelled” the series due to the LGBT storyline.

Although not removed from the platform, lesbian creator Chris Nee complained last week that Netflix “quietly dumped” her show by “slipp[ing] it onto the service” without any promotion. Her comments appeared on social media days after the fifth and final season released on March 6, in which one of the characters — “Fred,” who is a female bison — tells her grandmother that she is “non-binary.”

The show, titled “Ridley Jones,” is about a young girl who lives inside a children’s museum with her mother and grandmother, where the exhibits come to life and the girl goes on various adventures with her friends from the museum exhibits.

“Oh and yes, this is the end of the series,” Nee wrote in a social media post hidden from the public. “They cancelled us after what they just put out … So this is it.”

“I realize this day and age dumped means many things. Just zero promotion of the episode,” she continued. “So go watch it. Show your kids. It’s on Netflix. It’s important. It’s a roadmap for coming out but also for having someone else tell you they’ve changed their pronouns and/or name.”

The presence of the LGBT agenda in a show created for toddlers received significant backlash from the public. Conservative Twitter account Libs of TikTok contributed to circulation of the show’s content by posting a brief clip of the bison “coming out” with the caption “they’re coming for your kids.”

In the clip, the young animal explains to her grandmother — with her group of friends watching nearby — that “my heart says that the way I feel most myself is to go by the name Fred.”

“That’s because I’m non-binary, and Fred is the name that fits me best,” the bison continues. “And I also use they and them, because calling me a she or a he doesn’t feel right to me.”

The older bison then responds, “I’m sorry I used the wrong name and pronouns. Thank you for showing me your heart.”

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh reacted to the show’s failure to maintain positive reviews during his podcast on Thursday, saying “it is at least encouraging that this show is a total flop,” that “people aren’t interested” and “people don’t want this.”

“As much as we have a problem with woke parents who want to indoctrinate their kids into this, what we see is that still the vast majority of parents do not want this. They’re not interested in it.”

In addition to the “coming out” storyline, the show has included other details that normalize the LGBT agenda in other episodes. During the first episode of season two, “Fred” sings a song titled “I Feel Like Me” after dressing in a blue suit. Although presented as an innocent moment of discovering fashion, the short tune includes lyrics such as “conformity was so enticing, but something deep inside me knew that it was absurd.”

“I’m stepping out in my blue suit, I’m now the bison I want to be,” the song continues. “I’m letting out what I held in and now the true me really shows.”

Another song introduces the two fathers of Ridley’s mummy friend Ismat, praising same-sex parents from the perspective of the daughter, who sings briefly about how she wishes she wasn’t royalty so life would just be “my two dads and me.”

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that collects reviews on content for parents to gauge age-appropriate media for their children, received passionate reactions from parents about the show’s LGBT themes, both in favor and opposed.

“Thank you for showing kids that people other than heteronormative, ‘cookie cutter’ families and people exist,” said one review that recommended the show for children ages three and older. “The less fear we have and the more education would make our world a better place.”

Other reviews, suggesting 4-year-olds and up were prime ages for the series, commented that “queer people existing isn’t inherently sexual” and that “no big thing is made of any” of the LGBT content. “There’s no ‘pushing’ anything on children, just a realistic depiction of the diversity that exists within our communities,” one parent wrote.

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Conversely, many parents who submitted reviews blasted the blatant political agenda being presented to such young children.

“I do have a problem with a show that sucks you in, gets you to love the show, and sneaks in an episode on non-binary,” one parent, who put an age recommendation of 18 and older on the review, wrote. “It’s sick and an attempt to circumvent parents teaching of their children.”

Even comments that didn’t openly refute the lies of gender ideology pointed out that “there is no warning” of such content and that “these kids are too young for this kind of exposure.”

Another review, also labeling the show as appropriate for over 18 years old, said that “you are born a man or a woman. People who teach this [gender ideology] to kids are abusing them mentally.”

“Children are easily influenced and I don’t need my child confused about gender before he can even understand it for himself,” another parent wrote.

Unfortunately, “Ridley Jones” is not the first children’s show to insert LGBT indoctrination. In September, the internationally popular show “Peppa Pig” introduced a character with two moms. Not long after, “Scooby-Doo” shifted its iconic character Velma to be a lesbian. In 2022, Disney infamously featured a kiss between two female characters who claim to be “married” in the “Toy Story” prequel titled “Lightyear.”


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