Morning Rundown: Satan’s Diabolical Plan to Divide the Body of Christ

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Satan’s Diabolical Plan to Divide the Body of Christ

Demons and deliverance have become a very hot topic in the church today, especially on the heels of the release of Pastor Greg Locke’s movie Come Out in Jesus’ Name. It opened Monday night in nearly 2,000 theaters and was followed by Pastor Locke coming on live in these theaters via livestream and conducting a mass deliverance service.

In Pastor Locke’s own words, “This is a historic church moment. This has never happened! It’s almost like God says, ‘OK, you want to run my spirit out of church? Well, I’m going to take you into a movie theater.”

What are we to make of this?

3 Reasons Why Wine Today is Not the Same As Wine in the Bible

In the Bible, you read about wine being a common drink among the Jews. Wine was enjoyed at feasts, in the fellowship with friends, the Lord’s Supper and even kept inside of the Temple. But, did you know the wine drank in Jesus’ time on earth was much different than the wine consumed today?

Charisma magazine sat down with Evangelist Perry Stone who shared his thoughts on the consumption of alcohol today.

While talking about going to dinner with those who do drink wine, he says, “I don’t preach to them, I just tell them I don’t, and when they ask why I go into the history. The wine in Jesus day was mixed with water and it would take 27 glasses of wine in Jesus day, the way it was mixed, to equal the alcohol of two martinis,” he says.

Rule of Law on Track for ‘Barbarism’ Warns Judge After Universities ‘Tantrum From Hell’

March CM CoverA federal appeals court judge is calling for Stanford University to fire one of the college’s associate deans after she participated in a student-led protest during his scheduled appearance on campus. He’s also calling for the university to discipline the students that were involved.

According to multiple outlets, the university’s Federalist Society chapter had invited 5th U.S. Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan, a Trump appointee, to give a lecture at Stanford’s law school.

Last Thursday, Duncan appeared at the school for his talk to the group of students who had invited him. Instead, he was shouted down by almost a hundred students who prevented him from giving his address in spite of Stanford’s documented free speech policies published by the university’s Office of Community Standards.

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