Evangelist Ray Comfort: It’s Only Revival If…

There are so many questions and expectations about revival these days, frankly it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Living in the information age grants everyone with a web-connected device and a social media account a voice in the public square, and this can lead to confusion for some with the sheer number of opinions to sort through to find the truth of a matter.

Charisma News sat down with Evangelist Roy Comfort to discuss these outpourings of God and help believers understand what is happening in the world around them.

“I’m very excited about the revivals that are breaking out,” Comfort shared. “The question people are asking, ‘Is this a real move of God or is it just an emotional thing?’ Well, we’ll see. Time will tell if it’s a move of God.

“I’ll be impressed when people move out of the building, we call a church and take the gospel to a dying world. We’ve forgotten the world’s going to hell and we’ve got a lot of Christians who are really great at worshipping God but they’re not too great at the irksome task of…of evangelism,” he added.

While what occurred at Asbury University is wonderful, and many people needed this outpouring for whatever they were going through in life as an answer to prayer, Comfort brings up the excellent point of now turning the supercharging of faith within a building into action on the streets.

The Great Commission will never be fulfilled if Christians don’t take the instruction of James chapter 2 to heart.

It is a foundational principle to have faith in Jesus Christ, but there must be more than simply believing in Him according to Scripture.

That same faith must be put into action if believers hope to have any impact on the world.

“People are going to hell and we need to get a burden in our heart for them,” says Comfort. “We need to make sure that we go out for the biblical gospel.

“We should preach as Jesus preached. We should open up the Commandments and show people are sinners otherwise they won’t find a place of genuine repentance and they’ll be false converts and they’ll fall away in a time of tribulation.”

Comfort highlights the importance of preaching the full message of the Bible, not just the feel-good portions that will stir the emotions of sinners.

There is nothing wrong with having an emotional reaction to the words of the Bible, but there must be a spiritual stirring along with it, or else, as Comfort shares, sinners will not find a place of genuine repentance which is an essential part of proclaiming Jesus Christ Lord and Savior over one’s life.

“This will be seen as being a true move of God if they move out of that building into the world,” Comfort says. “That’s what the church needs. Something to stir us up. Something like a Saul of Tarsus to create havoc in the church so that we’re scattered everywhere preaching the Word.

“So, let’s just wait and see. Hopefully we’re going to see a great move of God that’s going to change this nation and bring it to peace with God.”

As Comfort shares, people are on a track to hell. It is up to followers of Jesus Christ to answer the call of the Great Commission and take the saving knowledge of the cross to those who are in desperate need of it.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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