Watch Trump’s Full Iowa Speech (Video) – American Faith

Former President Donald Trump delivered remarks on America First Education Policy in Davenport, Iowa on Monday, outlining his plans to improve the American education system.

In his speech, President Trump promised to expand the right to education to every state in America and support the direct election of school principals by parents.

“As president, I will expand that right to every single state in America, and we were doing that, too. And I will support the direct election of school principals by the parents, they should be elected by the parents,” he said.

Trump also emphasized the importance of accountability in the education system and the need to hold underperforming school principals accountable.

“If any principal is not getting the job done, of which you have many, many, many, especially in the inner cities, the parents should be able to vote to fight them and select somebody who will. Who will get the job done,” he said.

He also discussed his plans to break up the federal Department of Education and redistribute its functions to the states.

“I am going to pursue…the long-term goal. But now a short-term goal of breaking up the federal department of education and redistributing its functions to the states. We will break it up soon. That will be done quickly,” he said.

According to Trump, the American education system is failing, as evidenced by the country’s low ranking compared to other countries.

“Having to do with education, out of the top 40 countries, we are always at like the bottom of the list in terms of success, per student. And yet, I believe that’s about three times, and even four times more than the second third and fourth country, so we spent 3-4 times more on educating a people, and yet we are at the bottom of the list. They are the top and they spent much less money. So, you know the systems don’t work,” he said.

Trump also promised that if he were to be re-elected, he would continue to work towards improving the education system in America.

“If you put me back at the White House, the corrupt establishment right will be back — gone, and we will be back to normal…and America will be a free nation once again,” he said.

At another point in his speech, Trump vowed to “fire the unelected bureaucrats” and “totally obliterate the deep state.”

“What is happening is very simple, our enemies are desperate to stop us because they note that we are the only ones who can stop them, and they will—we will totally obliterate the deep state,” he said.

“I will fire the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system.”

Watch the full speech below: