Everything Local: Impacting Our Cities – The Stream

Part Two of the new series “Everything Local” from “Conversations with Christians Engaged” … a podcast dedicated to helping believers continue walking in faith while navigating the muddy ways of politics and culture.

By The Stream

Published on March 13, 2023

Christians Engaged Founder and Stream contributor Bunni Pounds speaks with Mayor Tom Arceneaux, the new mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, about impacting our cities. This is the second in a series of conversations discussing “Everything Local.” Watch the episode above, or listen to it on your favorite podcast app.

Tom is an attorney and a strong Christian who has been involved in his community in every space for years. He was recently elected as Mayor of Shreveport in a very diverse community — showing the world that a conservative man who believes in serving his community with his full heart can get the job done. His thoughts on Christian involvement and loving our cities will inspire you for years to come.

Join us next week for a conversation on Impacting Community Solutions with Hon. Jami McCain, former City Council from Cedar Hill, Texas, and co-pastor of HillCity Church.

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