Readers write: Education reform, war in Somalia, and texting

Texting across generations

Murr Brewster’s Feb. 6 article (“Putting the ‘punk’ in ‘punctuation’”) dealing with punctuation in text messaging especially hit home, and demanded sharing with the four members of my family Wordle group chat. 

One occasional topic of conversation has been the difficulties of understanding each other’s texting punctuation. Since we range in age from the mid-20s to the mid-80s, this is probably to be expected.

While we all loved Murr’s delightful essay, we found her explanation of text-specific punctuation to be especially helpful. The 20-something observed, “to digital natives (me) it is completely intuitive and it takes a second to register that people of another demographic may not have the same innate thoughts about it.” A 50-something then begged her, “Please have compassion and patience for us that weren’t to the Texter born.”