What Was Prophesied about East Palestine? – Intercessors for America

Charlie Shamp, a prophet and prayer intercessor, released a word he had received in November 2018 in which the Lord called for prayer to heal contaminated waterways. Shamp said he believes the call is linked to the crisis in East Palestine. Watch the interesting message Shamp had received more than 4 years ago.

Whether or not you believe that the Lord prophetically warned of the danger ahead, without a doubt we are called now to intercession.

As Betsy West, co-leader for IFA’s Pennsylvania prayer group, said, “...Intercessors all across the country, watch this. And I am asking you do not let this become the background of your intercession. This is ongoing. The land has been affected, the waterways has been affected, the wildlife is gone.”

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(Editor’s Note: IFA seeks the Lord for discernment in selecting all of the information we post, and especially when sharing prophetic words. We encourage you to ask the Lord whether and how prophetic words may apply to you personally or to the Body, as well as how to pray. Every prophetic word is to be tested by each believer, in accordance with 1 Jn 4; 1 Thes 5:1; and Acts 17:11.)