Roma Downey on Her Faith, New Book, and Touched by an Angel

When the world’s population was sitting at home during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, some of them forgot how to treat their neighbor, actress and author Roma Downey says.

Some of them, she says, forgot how to follow the example of Jesus.

“We were in our houses more and on our phones more,” Downey told Christian Headlines. “… I was really noticing on the Twitter app how much people were being unkind to each other. It was just out of control.”

Too many people, she says, forgot how to “agree to disagree.”

“It got me thinking just about the landscape of the world that we’re living in,” she said, “and the sort of divisions in our country, in our world.”

Downey began meditating on the themes of kindness and tenderness. Eventually, she wrote a 52-week devotional – titled Be an Angel – that she hopes will inspire readers and spark them to embark on acts of kindness. Each chapter ends with a “Be an Angel” challenge, encouraging the reader to put the words of Scripture into action. The devotional releases on Feb. 21.

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