From Nearly Aborted to Empowerment Advocate: ‘The Advocate’ Star Actress Overcomes Sex Trafficking to Inspire Others

“The Advocate” star Nicole Abisinio shared her story of being nearly aborted and overcoming her struggles in sex trafficking and is now an inspiration to many.

Abisinio’s life has been filled with extraordinary events since before she was born. Her father attempted to kill her mother while she was pregnant because she refused to get her aborted. After her birth, her mother was forced to go into hiding to protect her.

Nicole Abisinio’s Tragic Life Saved by Christianity

In her youth, Abisinio helped capture a predator targeting her and her friends. As an adult, she survived being stalked and attempted kidnapping and sex trafficking. Despite these challenges, Abisinio remained determined and persevered, saying she “came out fighting.”

According to a story in Christian Post, despite experiencing shocking and unlikely events throughout her life, including surviving being stalked and an attempted kidnapping and sex trafficking, Abisinio persevered and launched a successful career in Hollywood.

However, she soon realized that success and material possessions did not bring her true fulfillment and began to sense the deep emptiness in her life. Abisinio felt a need for a savior, which led her to find God and embrace Christianity.

After finding a church in the US, Abisinio’s life took a different turn, as she realized that the Lord was the only one who could genuinely protect her. She realized there was a lot of evil in the world and needed to rely on God for protection. Her faith gave her a new purpose, and she began understanding that God cared about her. Today, Abisinio’s life looks more fulfilling and happy as she has found meaning and fulfillment through her faith.

About Abisinio’s Series, ‘The Advocate’

Actress and filmmaker Nicole Abisinio’s faith-based TV series, “The Advocate,” has been among the top five viewed productions on Pure Flix, a streaming service for family and faith-based stories, since its release in January.

Abisinio wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the five-episode series about a child protective agent left with supernatural gifts after a near-death accident, allowing her to protect and rescue those most need her help.

According to IMDB, the series has an uplifting approach to human trafficking, focusing on safety tips and how to spot them. It was filmed throughout Tampa Bay in 2021 and has exceeded all expectations. Abisinio is now working on scripts for Season Two and has been flooded with emails asking when they will be made.

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Story Behind the Making of ‘The Advocate’

According to Tampa Bay Times, Nicole Abisinio is known for her worldwide spiritual speaking engagements. She realized the need for a cinematic story on human trafficking awareness while traveling to South Korea.

While staying at a hotel, she felt something was off and left out of caution. As the daughter of a former private eye who investigated child abuse, Abisinio recognized signs of potential human trafficking and decided to reach out to filmmaker Brett Coleman about the idea he had pitched years earlier.

Coleman agreed to direct the film, and together, they produced “The Advocate,” a movie to raise awareness about human trafficking. Abisinio explains that not everyone is schooled on the signs of human trafficking and hopes their film can help educate people and bring about change. The film has been received positively, and Abisinio is pleased that their message is being heard by so many.

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