Morning Rundown: Man Who Spent 23 Minutes in Hell: ‘Not Everyone Goes to Heaven’

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Man Who Spent 23 Minutes in Hell: ‘Not Everyone Goes to Heaven’

Bill Wiese, the author of the New York Times best-selling book “23 Minutes in Hell,” has a staunch warning for universalists who believe everyone will go to heaven.

“These people fail to realize that God is a God of justice and judgment,” Wiese says. “They say God is love, and that He would never allow such suffering, for people to go to hell. Believe everyone gets a free pass. The Universalist tries to support their beliefs with Scripture, but I’m here to tell you that the Universalist teaching is false and heretical.”

Wiese refers to British evangelist John Blanchard’s book, “Hell on Trial,” to explain the origin of universalism.

Holy Spirit Moves at AG University in Pennsylvania

The University of Valley Forge, an Assemblies of God institution in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, has a storied and miraculous history.

In 2013, Charisma Media Founder Stephen Strang reported Valley Forge, founded in 1939, won a Supreme Court case in 1978 that allowed it to keep its beautiful 106-acre campus, and it has been churning out godly community leaders since its founding in 1939.

And now, Valley Forge has joined the growing list of universities, high schools, grade schools and churches where the Holy Spirit has overwhelmed these campus and where nationwide revival—if not an awakening—is becoming more and more evident each day. It all started with Asbury University nearly three weeks and, the fire is spreading.

The Hallmarks of the Asbury Awakening and What Comes Next

new cm coverimageHumble repentance before the Father. Passion to worship Jesus. Hunger for God’s Word. The peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit. The hallmarks of the Asbury Awakening.

On Thursday night, during the final public event of this outpouring at Asbury University, broadcast directly from the school’s auditorium, those hallmarks were all on display as students publicly shared life-changing Scripture verses, worshipped with all their might, prayed fervently and received the commission to go out into the world to spread the Good News of the kingdom of heaven.

So many sovereign God-incidences have been evident throughout this awakening. From the 1970 Asbury Revival connection, to the release of a Jesus Revolution movie that had been in the works for years, to the coincidence with the Collegiate Day of Prayer, no earthly power could have timed it all so perfectly.

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