Police Identify 3 Suspects in Texas Historic Church Theft Incident

The Temple Police Department has identified three suspects in the weekend theft at the historic Corinth Baptist Church in Temple, Texas.

A report by everythingLubbock.com revealed that the incident is the second theft involving the historic Black church in a decade.

Details of the Incident

The report said the weekend theft happened one month ago, on Oct. 2. The incident reportedly left the congregation in disbelief that a person could break in and commit the crime against a church.

Dr. Ulysses Barnes, Sr., the pastor of Corinth Baptist Church, told reporters that three unidentified suspects forcibly entered the church’s side door. Barnes disclosed that his deacons informed him about the break-in when he arrived at the church at around 7 a.m. on Oct. 2 to facilitate service.

“Deacons walked through the building and said, ‘Pastor have you seen the door?’ I said, ‘what door.’ He said, ‘someone broke in our church,’ I said ‘you’re kidding,'” the website quoted Pastor Barnes saying.

The pastor said he had already furnished the Temple PD with a copy of their CCTV footage the following day to aid the latter’s investigation.

Justin McCormick, Temple PD property detective, told reporters that the thieves went away with one large speaker, two keyboards, and three amplifiers.

Meanwhile, Pastor Barnes told authorities that the stolen items and the cost to fix the broken doors amounted to $6,000. He added that they have also reinforced the doors with wooden bars to deter similar incidents.

“You can’t just bump it with your shoulder no more to get into the center where at night we have our security system. The alarm is on,” Barnes added.

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Pastor Shares Insights About the Incident

Pastor Barnes told reporters that he feels sorry for the three suspects.

“You may get away from the law, you may get away from everybody else, but there’s one person you can not get away from, and that’s the Lord,” he explained. He added that he hoped the suspects would seek repentance for what they had done.

“And I pray my prayers that they will come to themselves and seek for forgiveness,” Barnes said.

The report bared that the church will celebrate Pastor Barnes’ 32nd anniversary on Nov. 13 at 3:30 p.m. The pastor of Mt. Zion baptist CHurch, Dr. Charles Maze, will serve as a guest speaker during the event. 

Details About the Suspects

The Temple PD dedicated an entire month to identify the three suspects, who remain unnamed. Officer McCormick hinted that the three suspects are “all local.”

“They’re all males, mid-upper forties,” McCormick revealed.

Upon their eventual arrest, Temple PD said the suspects would face a potential two- to five-year jail sentence for felony burglary. 

The report said the local police are continuing their investigation and requested anyone with information leading to their arrest to contact the Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-8477.

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