Latter-Day Saints in Peru Provide Donations and Services, Receives Commendation From First Lady of Peru

The Church News reported on the actions of the Latter-day Saints of Peru all over the country that was met with praise by the First Lady, Lilia Paredes.  The article said that for the whole month of October, the local religious group sent volunteers for various projects, and food donations, as well as delivered wheelchairs to people in need.

According to the church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated over 500 bags of groceries, as well as 200 pairs of shoes at the Huancavelica region. For the delivery, the organization coordinated with the Guatemalan Consulate.

Acts of Kindness by Peruvian Latter-day Saints

In the article, it said that the donations of food were just the start of the services. The church then sent young adult volunteers of the Cusco Peru Stake and Cusco Peru Inti Raymi Stake to a shelter for minors. The volunteers took care of the gardens, the house duties, and other activities.

Some volunteers from the Piura Peru Castilla Stake were also sent to a school to help out and clean the facilities.

The church also donated 290 wheelchairs to the National Institute of Rehabilitation in Chorillos. The donation coincided with the National Day of Persons with Disabilities of Peru. For the donation, the church worked with other local churches for a special program.

First Lady Lilia Paredes and Other Thankful Peruvians

The article said that the first lady of Peru commended the actions of the church. She thanked them for their services and for giving time to help out the vulnerable members of society. She specifically gave thanks to the Women’s Ministry and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for their food donations.

The National Institute of Rehabilitation also thanked the church for their donations that would be necessary for the reintegration of patients into society.

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Peruvian Latter-day Saints

According to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the church has a membership of over 620,000 people that makes up 112 “stakes” and 78 congregations. Over the years, the church has produced 14 missions, 167 family history centers, and three temples.

Officially, the church was organized in the country in July of 1956 with missionaries establishing a church in the country.

The Latter Day Saints

On the denomination’s page, it says that it is the mission of the church to bring “God’s children” to Jesus Christ. The church does this by teaching about the Gospel, keeping the covenants, and practicing Christian service.

Today, the Latter-day Saints has over 16 million members making up 30,000 congregations in over 160 countries and territories. Apart from the religious institutions, it also has universities as well as a charity organization that provides over $1 billion every year for relief.

The church is led by its President and the “Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.” Russell Marion Nelson is the 17th and current president and prophet of the denomination. Born in 1924, President Nelson has lived a long life of service to the church and the community. Apart from being the leader of the church, he is also a world-renowned surgeon and medical researcher.

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