European Court of Human Rights Overturns French Court Ruling Against Protester Who “Aborted” Jesus in 2013

According to Fox News, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is facing criticisms for its recent overturn of the sentence of the “feminist” who performed an “abortion” on Jesus Christ in 2013. The protester did her alleged “performance” at the Parisian church of La Madeleine.

The incident was performed by Eloïse Bouton who went inside a Roman catholic Church in 2013, interrupting Christmas carols to protest by simulating the abortion of Jesus. Bouton was half-naked during the ordeal and had the slogan “344 salope” painted across her body. Apart from that, Bouton ever wore a crown of thorns and a blue veil.

As for the aborted “fetus” Bouton used an ox liver to symbolize a dead infant. Femen, a Ukrainian feminist organization, lauded the former member for her actions.

Charges Against Bouton

The article said that because of Bouton’s actions, the church filed a legal complaint against the protester. Afterward, she was found guilty by the French court for “sexual display,” sentencing her to a month in prison and a fine of €2,000. The conviction was upheld by the French court.

However, the ECHR ruled that the ruling was in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights law on freedom of expression. It should be noted that the high court opined that the sanction was for the sexual exhibition and not for the opinions that the accused might have against the Catholic Church.

The ECHR ordered the French court to pay €9,800 for moral damages and legal costs.

Insider reported that the ruling of the EHCR also commented that the French ruling was not appropriate with the “interests at stake.” The news outlet also reached out to Bouton who said that the “ruling is historical.” She added that “It’s going to set legal precedents, and what it means for women and militant feminists who use their bodies to protest is that they may now be allowed to do so in France.”

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Criticisms Over Rulings for Christian Churches

In the article, Grégor Puppinck of the European Centre for Law and Justice commended that the EHCR is treating attacks against Christian churches differently from Islam. The director called the action a “double standard” on the part of the court and said that the EHCR would have a different view if the “performance” of Bouton happened in a mosque or a courthouse.

Fox News also pointed out that the lawyer of the feminist punk group, the ‘Pussy riots’ who also had issues with the church in Moscow back in 2018 is now a part of the EHCR.

Catholic News Agency also covered some of the criticisms. One of these is Essayist Blanche Streb who said that the act disrespects human rights and modern democracy owed to Christianity.


According to the page of FEMEN, it is international women’s movement of “brave topless female activists.” It added that the organization is made up of trained activist that considers themselves a “special force” of feminism.

The organization’s ideology is centered on feminism, atheism, and what it calls as “sextremism.” 

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