Almost 60 Churches in Louisiana Disaffiliate with United Methodist Church Denomination

The wave of churches opting to disaffiliate with the United Methodist Church continues with 58 churches from the Louisiana conference. Yahoo News reported that the disaffiliations were lately approved by the denomination with a 487-35 vote of delegates in favor.

According to the rules of the denomination, disaffiliation of a church requires a two-thirds vote of the delegates. The report added that the wave of disaffiliation stems from the debates within the denomination about sexuality and theology. It also resulted in the launch of the Global Methodist Church, a denomination of conservative UMC churches that are set on upholding the church’s bans to such practice.

Louisiana Disaffiliation

The article said that even with the current move, the denomination still stands strong with an estimate of over 30,000 congregations and more abroad. Also, the disaffiliations from the Louisiana churches are set to take effect after December 31.

Six of the churches came from New Orleans, seven from Baton Rouge, and two from Lafayette. It also includes St. Timothy, one of the biggest Methodist congregations in the state.

Cynthia Fierro Harvey, the current bishop said that even with what happened, ‘this particular moment does not dismiss our journey.”

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Louisiana Churches Scheduled to Leave

St. Timothy on the Northshore is a church that has been serving God and the community since 1975. Standing with over 6,000 members today, it is a fully equipped church for services, education, and outreach. On the church page, it says that the church expanded further in 2006 when the Charge Conferences of St. Timothy and the Church of the Servant merged.

Waldheim United Methodist Church is another UMC church that says that it is a congregation passionate about people and serving everyone. It says that it provides contemporary Christian music and fellowship. There’s also Clear Creek UMC of Clinton

Cooper’s Chapel United Methodist Church is led by Pastor Adam Moore. On the church page, it says that it is a welcoming congregation that invites people to experience God’s grace. The church says it aims to guide people in their journey of looking for God.

Darlington UMC of Greensburg is a Louisiana church that has been serving since 1838. Over the years, the church has grown its facilities and congregation as it continues to provide its services to the congregation and community.

The Schism Within United Methodist Church

Grenville News reported on the issues of the church regarding the prospect of allowing same-sex marriages within the church and the ordination of openly gay clergy. On the article, it says that in 2019, the UMC allowed member churches to disaffiliate based on their views on homosexuality, specifically on the aforementioned matters.

As such, the UMC is giving prospective churches until December 31, 2023 to disaffiliate. Those who are disaffiliating with the church must pay for unpaid apportionments together with an additional 12 months of apportionments. As part of the agreement, a disaffiliating church would be allowed to retain all of its personal, tangible, and intangible property.

On May 1, 2022, the Global Methodist Church launched.
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